X-Men #15 Review


I missed the whole Jubilee becoming a vampire story so to see her “vampire out” here was nice. Shogo’s little protection ball is still a riot to see. I know some folks that could use that in real life. 

The X-Men are preparing for the arrival of The Future and after hearing Kimera tell them of what she knows about future-Shogo and Jubilee they are set on not letting anything happen to those two. Despite their best efforts stuff still goes awry but the Ladies X are coming closer together as a unit. 

The female focus is wonderful in the main title. I actually read these issues looking forward to when my daughters can read them. It’ll proably be the same when the Storm title comes out. Hopefully that lives up to the expectations I have set.

Brian Wood’s run on X-Men is coming to close. I’ve enjoyed what he has been doing and this is an interesting way to close it out. Also, the pencils were done by a newbie to me, Matteo Buffagni, and he has a nice style. The different tones of coloring between the flashback and the present were a nice touch. 

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