Thor: God of Thunder #23 Review

“The Last Days of Midgard” turned into a pretty fine arc for Thor: God of Thunder. The juxtaposition of Thor, All-Father and Avenger Thor’s fight is ever impressive as they battle for the future of the Earth. The younger Thor has had to abide by the laws of man to stay away from the man Dario Agger. That all changes when he finds out what kind of monster Agger truly is, thus nullifying certain restraining orders. Roz is entertaining in this issue. The environmentalist is having to deal with personal issues of violence and destruction as she deals with trolls and sink holes.

Those who read the first two arcs of TGoT know about the Necrosword. It’s back and we see the All-Black All-Father once again. It’s pretty badass. Speaking of badass, I have never read an arc featuring Galactus. My only exposure were character profiles or as a rolling asteroid field in Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer. He’s a pretty impressive specimen in this story, both in size and menace. 

This is one of a couple series that the quality has been consistent throughout 23 issues. Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic keep it going here with top notch dialogue, narration and imagery. It’s a shame this title only comes out only once a month. I’ll take that though with how busy Aaron is and if it helps keep the quality up. Until next month then, when we find out what happens with Roxxon in the aftermath.

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