Show Review: Constantine

The Best Opening On Television?I’m sad. Constantine has ended. At least season 1 has ended. The season wrapped up with a “Huh????” that would ripple through any subsequent seasons they could have. The Rising Darkness is on the way and there’s a bounty out for Constantine. Papa Midnite tries to cash it in but hey, if […]

Sons of Anarchy: Mr. Mayhem Meets Us All

It’s hard to believe that SOA is over. Here we are a week and a half later and it feels like there’s a hole in my life, especially at 10pm on Tuesday. It’s been a long ride with the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Origin but I think that Kurt Sutter weaved together an […]

thatemilykelley: @NBC has stopped production on #Constantine! No! #SaveConstantine #dccomics #tv Repost from @skreenrider Matt Ryan wants you to support Constantine and I think you should as well. I’ve been reviewing #Gotham this year but I should have been spreading the word about this Hell raising show. Watch it on Hulu or stream at NBC

Show Review: Gotham, “Penguin’s Umbrella”

The Penguin Is Alive and Well I guess we’re left to our own devices on what transpired after Oswald got done reintroducing himself. I can only imagine it included some yelling and a very awkward release by Montoya and her partner.  Bullock is that pissed off that he’d shoot Gordon in the precinct? Corrupt or […]