Comic Review: Daredevil #16

Storytellers: Mark Waid & Chris Samnee; Colorist: Matthew WilsonI missed issue #15 but the synopsis filled me in, a little bit. The Shroud was definitely the one who kidnapped The Owl and hooked him up to all of those wires. The Shroud was gathering information on Matt and released a slew of malicious information to […]

Borderlands Pull 6/19

Pictured: Daredevil #3; Batman/Superman #9: First Contact, Part 3; World’s Finest #21: First Contact, Part 4; Wolverine and the X-Men #5, Nova #18: Original Sin Tie-In; Original Sin, Parts 2 & 3 of 8 I am switching up the structure of my reviews. I’ll show what I got first and then as I read I’ll […]