The secret identity of Jason Aaron’s Thor is revealed today. Here’s my sketch and ink in commemoration of the mysterious wielded of Mjolnir. It sucks I have to wait a week due to the Marvel subscription to find out who it is. Oh well it’ll be worth the wait. Critiques are welcome btw. Always looking […]

Comic Review: Thor: God of Thunder #24

This issue should have been called “The Last Days of Midgard: The Aftermath.” It’s not filled with action. There are no world’s colliding since they already did. And Jason Aaron addresses the ramifications of Broxton’s troll/minotaur/Roxxon Energy Corporation attack. I wonder if Zach Snyder will spend more than five minutes dealing with what Superman did […]

Borderlands May 21 & 28 Pull (plus some)

I’ll go ahead and get it out in the open: I don’t get to the comic shop every week. There it is! I’ve said it! Now that that’s cleared up, here’s the last load of comics I’ve brought in, and favorite panel of the issue: Lazarus #8 – We are approaching the “Lift” selection and Forever […]