russelldauterman: ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue comes out tomorrow, and includes a section on Marvel superheroes.  I was very happy to contribute this Iron Fist piece!  (Me, in a SPORTS magazine?!?)  More here.Did this traditionally in pencil – a rarity for me these days.  I kept reaching for Command-Z.  🙂  Colors by the great Laura Martin. […]

(Belated) Comic Review: Thor #7-8

Writer: Jason Aaron; Artist: Russell Dauterman; Colors: Matthew WilsonOh, hel yes! It’s a showdown of epic proportions when Thor meets the Destroyer. This uru-cast war machine is under the control of Cul Borson, the serpent, brother of Odin, and on a mission from the All-Father as well. He is the spirit behind the Destroyer and […]

The secret identity of Jason Aaron’s Thor is revealed today. Here’s my sketch and ink in commemoration of the mysterious wielded of Mjolnir. It sucks I have to wait a week due to the Marvel subscription to find out who it is. Oh well it’ll be worth the wait. Critiques are welcome btw. Always looking […]

(Belated) Comic Review: Thor #6

Writer: Jason Aaron; Art: Russell Dauterman; Colors: Matthew WilsonYes this is more recent than when I usually get to review issues but Thor is Thor even if he’s a woman [weird sentence there] and I love it.The Odinson continues his quest to find out the true identity of the Goddess of Thunder. The All-Father is […]

(Belated) Comic Reviews: Thor #2-#5

Writer: Jason Aaron; Art: Russell Dauterman; Colors: Matthew Wilson; Issue 5 Art: Jorge MolinaI’m glad I have stayed on this journey with Thor and Odinson since Thor: God of Thunder ended. I was on board with Jason Aaron because he hadn’t steered me wrong in TGoT and had a plan in place. I was still […]

(Belated) Comic Review: Cyclops #5

And so Carmen Carnero’s run on Cyclops has ended…and now the second penciler’s duties have ended. It’s a good job on the front of Marvel that the transition between Russell Dauterman and Carnero was very seamless. They’ve both really infused life and youthfulness into this title. It encapsulates the feel of the teenage Scott Summers […]

The (Possible) Future of Thor Odinson

Before I dive into Thor #1 by Jason Aaron, I felt I should look over the series and find the questions that are still unanswered. I figured I might as well look for some possibilities as to why Thor Odinson is unworthy of Mjolnir now. Mr. Aaron said Thor is just a continuation of his […]

Comic Review: Cyclops #3

Finally, I’m back in the cosmos with young Cyclops and his sick dad. Cyclops opens writing a letter and I think this narrative technique works in this situation. It’s not always well done. I think the art has to accentuate the thoughts behind the words in the letter, much like G.I. Joe’s first farewell issue […]