Classic Comic Review: Batman Volume 3: Death of the Family

Writer: Scott Snyder; Co-Writer: James Tynion IV; Artist: Greg Capullo & Jock; Inks: Jonathan Glapion; Colorists: Fco Plascencia & Dave Baron; Cover Artists: Greg Capullo & Fco Plascencia; Variant Cover Artists: Aaron Kuder & Nathan Fairbairn / Trevor McCarthy / Alex Garner / Tony Daniel, Batt Mabbing & Tomeu MoreyThere is a lot of work that goes into these comics. I’m not sure […]

(Belated) Comic Review: Batman #39-#40

Writer: Scott Snyder; Penciller: Greg Capullo; Inker: Danny Miki; Colorist: Fco PlascenciaTalk about an all-star team-up. The Bat Family joining sides with the villains of Gotham to take down the Joker. Such a menace craves the attention of all those it will take to bring him to justice. Or to just take some fluid from […]

(Belated) Comic Review: Batman #37-#38 (Endgame, Parts 3 & 4)

Writer: Scott Snyder; Pencils: Greg Capullo; Inks: Danny Miki; Colors: Fco FlascenciaTalk about creeping me out. This panel of the Joker emerging from underneath the bed recalled all of my fears of clowns. Things are bad in Gotham. The city is tearing itself apart and there seems little that Batman can do to save it. Then there’s […]

Comic Review: Batman #33

It’s the Zero Year finale and it packs a wallop. I really enjoy how Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo use the subtleties of story and imagery to plant clues into what is going to happen.  I’ve mentioned before the love I have for The Riddler. He is a villain that attacks Batman’s mind above anything […]