Show Review: Constantine

The Best Opening On Television?I’m sad. Constantine has ended. At least season 1 has ended. The season wrapped up with a “Huh????” that would ripple through any subsequent seasons they could have. The Rising Darkness is on the way and there’s a bounty out for Constantine. Papa Midnite tries to cash it in but hey, if […]

thatemilykelley: @NBC has stopped production on #Constantine! No! #SaveConstantine #dccomics #tv Repost from @skreenrider Matt Ryan wants you to support Constantine and I think you should as well. I’ve been reviewing #Gotham this year but I should have been spreading the word about this Hell raising show. Watch it on Hulu or stream at NBC

Show Review: Gotham, “Penguin’s Umbrella”

The Penguin Is Alive and Well I guess we’re left to our own devices on what transpired after Oswald got done reintroducing himself. I can only imagine it included some yelling and a very awkward release by Montoya and her partner.  Bullock is that pissed off that he’d shoot Gordon in the precinct? Corrupt or […]

Show Review: Gotham “Viper”

I think the show may be hitting something resembling a stride. There was no Barbara, no MCU, and no mayor. After a brief siting of “Cat” she disappears for the episode as well. Right now, the best thing to do is run the show through the baddies in Gotham with a sprinkling of Gordon. Unfortunately, […]

Show Review: Gotham, Ep. 3 “The Balloonman”

In the first episode Carmine Falcone said that he and Thomas Wayne were able to balance each other in the city. Now that he was gone, things would get worse. Previous iterations state it’s the death that started the downward spiral.  This television series was advertised as the story of Gotham before Batman. It was […]

Show Review: Gotham, Ep. 2

Right now the best things about Gotham are Penguin and Edward Nigma. A distant third could be Jim Gordon but I’m just not sure right now.  Oswald (why was he called “Penguin” before? Did I miss that?) is trying to gather his bearings after his leg bashing and ear ringing by killing and kidnapping college […]

Show Review: Gotham, Episode 1

I saw Gotham the other day and I must say the pilot was a little wishy washy to me. Don’t get me wrong, I think there are some good things to build upon. There are some lesser things to improve. Edward, Oswald, and Carmine Falcone are right on point and well acted. Future-Riddler as the […]