Comic Review: Batman #41-43

Superheavy, Parts 1-3Writer: Scott Snyder; Pencils: Greg Capullo; Inks: Danny Miki; Colors: FCO Plascencia; Cover: Capullo, Miki & PlascenciaAll right, all right let’s do this. OK, for those who don’t know, Batman is now Jim Gordon because the last we saw of Bruce Wayne/Batman was he and Joker lying in the bottom of a cave battered, […]

Classic Comic Review: Batman Volume 3: Death of the Family

Writer: Scott Snyder; Co-Writer: James Tynion IV; Artist: Greg Capullo & Jock; Inks: Jonathan Glapion; Colorists: Fco Plascencia & Dave Baron; Cover Artists: Greg Capullo & Fco Plascencia; Variant Cover Artists: Aaron Kuder & Nathan Fairbairn / Trevor McCarthy / Alex Garner / Tony Daniel, Batt Mabbing & Tomeu MoreyThere is a lot of work that goes into these comics. I’m not sure […]

(Belated) Comic Review: Batman #39-#40

Writer: Scott Snyder; Penciller: Greg Capullo; Inker: Danny Miki; Colorist: Fco PlascenciaTalk about an all-star team-up. The Bat Family joining sides with the villains of Gotham to take down the Joker. Such a menace craves the attention of all those it will take to bring him to justice. Or to just take some fluid from […]