(Belated) Comic Review: All-New X-Men #40-41

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis; Artist: Mahmud Asrar; Colorist: Rain Beredo; Cover Artists: Andrea Sorrentino & Marcelo Maiolo“Tyke-lops”The final two issues of All-New X-Men until Secret Wars and it’s post-Secret Wars volume 2. We are welcomed to Utopia with a group of pickers that look like the Renegades from G.I. Joe (I’m looking at you Taurus). They’re in […]

The Black Vortex Saga: (Belated) Comic Review Artists Edition Part 2 of 2 (Here is the Writer’s Edition)Artists: Ed McGuinness, Kris Anka, Valerio Schiti, Paco Medina, Andrea Sorrentino, David Baldeon, Javier Garron; Inkers: Kris Anka, Mark Farmer, Jay Leisten, Mark Morales, Juan Vlasco, Terry Pallot, Javier Garron, Ed McGuinness; Colorists: Marte Gracia, Marcelo Maiolo, Jason […]

The Black Vortex Saga: (Belated) Comic Review Writers Edition

In commemoration of the collection release here is my review. Note: I was not able to get my hands on Guardians Team-Up #3 or Captain Marvel #14. Those titles flew off the shelves and were never refilled by Marvel, according to my LCSWriters: Sam Humphries, Brian Michael Bendis, Gerry Duggan, John Layman, Kelly Sue DeConnickNow […]

(Belated) Comic Reviews: Cyclops #10-11

Writer: John Layman; Art: Javier Garrón; Colors: Chris Sotomayor; Cover: Alexander Lozano Corsair and Cyclops are free from their recent burden of the Desolation and its crew but young Scott has some guilt. He’s left behind a crew he has come to know and get along with. He’s most guilty though of leaving behind a woman […]

(Belated) Comic Review: Cyclops #8-#9

Writer: John Layman; Art: Javier Garron; Colorist: Chris Sotomayor; Cover Artist: Alexander LozanoThe remainder of the  Starjammers get picked up by a merchant ship and find out an S.O.S. led their new captors to them. They may be in bindings for now but at least they’re alive, and that is all thanks to young Scott […]

Secret Wars Concerns

So I subscribe to comics like some of you do. I have some coming up for renewal right before Marvel’s new “we’re blowing up everything event” Secret Wars. Should I halt the auto renewal until after the event of just go with it and hope for the best?How long is Secret Wars going to last?

(Belated) Comic Review: Uncanny X-Men #29

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis; Art: Chris Bachalo, Tim Townsend, Mark Irwin, Jaime Mendoza, Victor Olazaba, Al Vey, Antonio Fabela & Jose VillarrubiaIlyana Rasputin’s time travel comes in handy, if but for a moment.Magik consults with Dr. Strange from the past on how to contain/defeat Matthew Malloy and they devise this plan with the Eye of […]

(Belated) Comic Review: Uncanny X-Men #28

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis; Art: Kris AnkaWe’re dealing with the aftermath of the event in Newberry, SC this issue and pick up where we left off: with Cyclops convincing Matthew Malloy to go have breakfast?? Yes, that’s real and it’s great that if the other X-Men had just listened to him in the first place […]

(Belated) Comic Review: Uncanny X-Men #27

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis; Pencils: Chris Bachalo; Inks: Tim Townsend, Mark Irwin, Jaime Mendoza, Victor Olazaba, Al Vey; Colors: Jose Villarrubia, Rain BeredoThis issue is MAJOR.This alternating between Kris Anka and Chris Bachalo has allowed both of them to ramp up the awesomeness in their artwork. It was hard to find a favorite panel in this […]

(Belated) Comic Review: Uncanny X-Men #26

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis; Artist: Kris Anka Matthew Malloy used to have suppressed mutant powers. Now they’re back and he’s becoming a major threat to humanity. The Charles Xavier Will-ogram charged them with finding him and securing him to help everyone. S.H.I.E.L.D. and Commander Hill are already on the case though so we’ll have to see what happens […]

(Belated) Comic Review: Cyclops #5

And so Carmen Carnero’s run on Cyclops has ended…and now the second penciler’s duties have ended. It’s a good job on the front of Marvel that the transition between Russell Dauterman and Carnero was very seamless. They’ve both really infused life and youthfulness into this title. It encapsulates the feel of the teenage Scott Summers […]

Comic Review: Uncanny X-Men #25

An Issue #25 is almost always a huge event and this one certainly packs a punch. Not literally mind you, unless you count Scott’s zapping of Iceman with an optic blast. The blow is dealt when Charles Xavier’s Shi’ar hologram delivers the news that he actually suppressed a mutants powers to the verge of nonexistence.  […]

Comic Review: Cyclops #3

Finally, I’m back in the cosmos with young Cyclops and his sick dad. Cyclops opens writing a letter and I think this narrative technique works in this situation. It’s not always well done. I think the art has to accentuate the thoughts behind the words in the letter, much like G.I. Joe’s first farewell issue […]

Review: All-New X-Men #28

Stuart Immonen is kicking ass and taking names. Maybe not true on the latter but the former is definitely correct. Just look at this panel. I could have put up the big X-Men on X-Men fight he drew up but this one expresses what I enjoy every issue. Now to the story, I’m not sure […]

Borderlands May 21 & 28 Pull (plus some)

I’ll go ahead and get it out in the open: I don’t get to the comic shop every week. There it is! I’ve said it! Now that that’s cleared up, here’s the last load of comics I’ve brought in, and favorite panel of the issue: Lazarus #8 – We are approaching the “Lift” selection and Forever […]