Comic Review: Daredevil #14

Storytellers: Mark Waid & Chris Samnee; Colors: Matthew Wilson; Cover: Chris Samnee & Matthew WilsonMatt Murdock has been outed and is fully embracing costume-freedom. Well, he has been ever since moving to San Francisco but in issue #14 he’s fully embracing the spirit of no longer leading two live: one as Matt Murdock killer defense […]

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Comic Review: Guardians of the Galaxy #26-27

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis; Artist: Valerio Schiti; Colors: Jason Keith; Cover: Schiti & KeithPolitical intrigue and turmoil threaten the galaxy and it’s Guardians. We are finally paying off Peter’s election to the presidency. We also see some residual effects of the Black Vortex saga in Groot’s dreadlocked appearance and Gamora’s new digs. There’s always time for comedy. The […]

Comic Review: Batman #41-43

Superheavy, Parts 1-3Writer: Scott Snyder; Pencils: Greg Capullo; Inks: Danny Miki; Colors: FCO Plascencia; Cover: Capullo, Miki & PlascenciaAll right, all right let’s do this. OK, for those who don’t know, Batman is now Jim Gordon because the last we saw of Bruce Wayne/Batman was he and Joker lying in the bottom of a cave battered, […]

Comic Review: Legendary Star-Lord #12

Writer: Sam Humphries; Artists: Paco Medina & Juan Vlasco w/ Andrea Sorrentino; Colorists: David Curiel w/ Marcelo Maiolo; Cover Artist: Paco MedinaThe final issue of the Legendary Star-Lord contains no Peter Quill, aside from beautiful Andrea Sorrentino art summarizing the Black Vortex Saga. You would think this an odd choice, and it is. But everything […]

(Belated) Comic Review: Storm #10-11

Writer: Greg Pak; Pencils: Victor Ibañez w/ Al Barrionuevo & Neil Edwards; Inkers: Victor Ibañez w/ Ed Tadeo; Colors: Ruth Redmond; Cover Artist: Stephanie HansThings get weird in the last two issues of Storm when Kenji Uedo shows up with techno-organic monsters all over the world. If you remember from last issue there was a […]

(Belated) Comic Review: Nova #29-31

Writer: Gerry Duggan; Artist: David Baldeon; Inker: Terry Pallot; Colors: David Curiel; Cover: Orphans CheepsA SORT OF HOMECOMINGSomehow Nova found Richard Rider’s helmet during the Black Vortex event and I missed it. Maybe it occurred during the two issues I couldn’t find that wasn’t important enough to include in the summaries at the start of […]

(Belated) Comic Review: Iron Fist #12

The grand finale of Kaare Kyle Andrews’ epic Iron Fist story of rage and redemption. The Iron Fist Danny Rand is a mess physically and emotionally. He’s dealt with a lot in this arc: a broken chi, broken fists, broken ego. Now, he can deal with his greatest achievement, defeating Zhu-Rong…a god. He emerges from god-goo after […]

Comic Review: Rocket Raccoon #6-11

Writer: Skottie Young; Artist: Jake Parker (#6, 9-11), Filipe Andrade (#7-8); Colors: Jean-François Beaulieu; Covers: Skottie Young;I had this omega level review for the last 6 issues of Rocket Raccoon. Then my computer got all wonky and it didn’t save. So here are my notes, favorite panels, and little quips about the experience called Rocket […]

All-New X-Factor: (Belated) Comic Review #15-20

Writer: Peter David; Artist: Carmine Di Giandomenico; Colors: Lee Loughridge; Cover Artists: Kris Anka & Jared Fletcher So this belated review is way, way, way overdue; I have good reasons though. Namely, I could not locate issues 15 and 16. These were the Axis crossovers, sold out quickly, and were never replenished. I ended up going […]

The Black Vortex Saga: (Belated) Comic Review Artists Edition Part 1 of 2 (here’s the Writers Edition)Artists: Ed McGuinness, Kris Anka, Valerio Schiti, Paco Medina, Andrea Sorrentino, David Baldeon, Javier Garron; Inkers: Kris Anka, Mark Farmer, Jay Leisten, Mark Morales, Juan Vlasco, Terry Pallot, Javier Garron, Ed McGuinness; Colorists: Marte Gracia, Marcelo Maiolo, Jason Keith, […]

The Black Vortex Saga: (Belated) Comic Review Writers Edition

In commemoration of the collection release here is my review. Note: I was not able to get my hands on Guardians Team-Up #3 or Captain Marvel #14. Those titles flew off the shelves and were never refilled by Marvel, according to my LCSWriters: Sam Humphries, Brian Michael Bendis, Gerry Duggan, John Layman, Kelly Sue DeConnickNow […]

(Belated) Comic Reviews: Cyclops #10-11

Writer: John Layman; Art: Javier Garrón; Colors: Chris Sotomayor; Cover: Alexander Lozano Corsair and Cyclops are free from their recent burden of the Desolation and its crew but young Scott has some guilt. He’s left behind a crew he has come to know and get along with. He’s most guilty though of leaving behind a woman […]

(Belated) Comic Review: Uncanny X-Men #33-34

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis; Art: Kris Anka; Colors: Antonio Fabela; Cover Art: Kris AnkaSo I was a bit confused last time and thought that the Uncanny X-Men were involved with the Black Vortex…my bad. Issue one of this set, we get to see what happened after Ilyana zapped away with Kitty Pryde. The second issue deals with […]

(Belated) Comic Review: X-Men #26

The Burning World: Part 4 – ConclusionWriter: G. Willow Wilson; Penciler: Roland Boschi; Colorist: Lee Loughridge; Cover Artists:Rachel and Terry DodsonIt’s Rachel’s turn to narrate in G. Willow Wilson’s conclusion to her X-Men run. The Krakoa is ill, the Inhumans have nothing to do with it, and Rachel unearthed the memoryof the desert and the experiments […]

(Belated) Comic Review: Nova #26-27

Writer: Gerry Duggan; Pencils: John Timms; Inks: Roberto Poggi; Colors: David Curiel; Cover: Orphans Cheeps“Look What the Bus Dragged In” and “Mr. Carnage Goes to Carefree” are two delightful issues of Nova. Gerry Duggan continues his fun-loving take of Sam Alexander’s Nova.This guy can’t get a break normally but after he suffered a concussion and damaged […]

(Belated) Comic Review: Iron Fist #9-11

Writer/Artist/Colors/Cover: Kaare Kyle AndrewsFooh is a figment of Danny’s imagination. No real iron fists constructed. It’s just Sparrow and Danny Rand unleashing fists of fury on ninjas and monks.As they work their way into the Rand building, Sparrow forks off to fight Davos, the man responsible for taking her eyes. Iron Fist proceeds on to […]

(Belated) Comic Review: Thor #7-8

Writer: Jason Aaron; Artist: Russell Dauterman; Colors: Matthew WilsonOh, hel yes! It’s a showdown of epic proportions when Thor meets the Destroyer. This uru-cast war machine is under the control of Cul Borson, the serpent, brother of Odin, and on a mission from the All-Father as well. He is the spirit behind the Destroyer and […]

The secret identity of Jason Aaron’s Thor is revealed today. Here’s my sketch and ink in commemoration of the mysterious wielded of Mjolnir. It sucks I have to wait a week due to the Marvel subscription to find out who it is. Oh well it’ll be worth the wait. Critiques are welcome btw. Always looking […]