(Belated) Comic Review: Thor #7-8

Writer: Jason Aaron; Artist: Russell Dauterman; Colors: Matthew WilsonOh, hel yes! It’s a showdown of epic proportions when Thor meets the Destroyer. This uru-cast war machine is under the control of Cul Borson, the serpent, brother of Odin, and on a mission from the All-Father as well. He is the spirit behind the Destroyer and […]

Batman/Superman #9 & World’s Finest #21 Review

First Contact, Parts 3 and 4 B/S: I. Love. Jae. Lee’s. Art. Behold the above. It’s different from everything else out on the market and provides a fresh perspective to the story. I enjoy the structure of Greg Pak’s writing and how we get the narration of the different characters when dialogue isn’t necessary. Everything flows […]

Borderlands Pull 6/19

Pictured: Daredevil #3; Batman/Superman #9: First Contact, Part 3; World’s Finest #21: First Contact, Part 4; Wolverine and the X-Men #5, Nova #18: Original Sin Tie-In; Original Sin, Parts 2 & 3 of 8 I am switching up the structure of my reviews. I’ll show what I got first and then as I read I’ll […]

Review: All-New X-Men #28

Stuart Immonen is kicking ass and taking names. Maybe not true on the latter but the former is definitely correct. Just look at this panel. I could have put up the big X-Men on X-Men fight he drew up but this one expresses what I enjoy every issue. Now to the story, I’m not sure […]