This is huge. Today, President Obama himself has come out in favor of a number of clear, specific, and firm net neutrality rules that will keep the internet free and open. We couldn’t be more thrilled.

Give yourselves credit for this one. Tumblr users have been out in front of this issue all year. 130,000 of you called Congress in a single day. You showed Washington and the FCC what democracy looks like—it looks like the internet. You made your voice heard, and the president was listening.

The specifics: Obama has called for the reclassification of broadband service providers under Title II, which means the FCC can hold them to the same sensible rules that telephone companies are regulated through. This means—and this is directly from the president—that there can be no blocking, no throttling, no paid prioritization, and that the rules will cover mobile, too. To sum it up in a couple words: Fuck yeah.

One last thing: we’re almost at the finish line, but we’re not quite there yet. It’s vitally important that the FCC, in light of the president’s announcement, act to issue these rules (and not any of the weaker, riskier proposals that are in consideration) during their December meeting. We need immediate action. In the meantime, our policy team will be taking your concerns directly to the FCC, and you can keep updated on any further actions you can take by following themediafix and fight4future

We’re almost there, guys. Let’s bring it home.

This is big for everyone. Support Net Neutraility

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