So I just saw the trailer and it looks pretty cool. Some random thoughts:

I know some don’t like that there are going to be early versions of various Batman villains as their younger selves, but I like this idea. We are not sure of their interactions at this point in time and I think that it’s nice, and realistic, to show Batman’s rogues gallery as villains/bad people/criminals or even just existing for goodness sakes, before they encounter the caped crusader. 

Jada, love Jada. 

I think the music in the trailer makes it appear like a “Nolan” style version. I just think it’s a story that happens to be in a fictitious  I wonder if Gordon is going to be more influential in Bruce’s rising to don the cape and cowl.

I’ll give it a chance, much like I did with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Hopefully my interest lasts longer than it did with that.

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