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Show Review: Gotham “Viper”

I think the show may be hitting something resembling a stride. There was no Barbara, no MCU, and no mayor. After a brief siting of “Cat” she disappears for the episode as well.

Right now, the best thing to do is run the show through the baddies in Gotham with a sprinkling of Gordon. Unfortunately, the less we focus on young Jim, the better. The show is a cop procedural so that will be hard at times but there was good balance this week. 

Quick hits:

  • Fish has implemented her plan using the singer from last week. Trained now in seduction, lying and one opera.
  • Bruce Wayne is a little Junior Detective in the making, talking about shell corporations and the like.
  • Penguin continues to thrive as the brightest light in the show
  • Viper takes to the streets and collapses peoples bones and lungs

The scenes with Penguin, Maroni and Godon are spectacular. You felt the danger Cobblepot and Gordon could be in. Kudos to Batista from Dexter for bringing it this episode and upping the seriousness of Maroni as a character. I mean, he was going to have Penguin sliced up into little deli pieces. Pretty intense. 

The Viper drug was interesting. Super high to very super low for the user. Unfortunately the super low is death from an intense calcium deprivation. Apparently this was the precursor to Venom, the drug that makes Bane into Bane. Add in some corrupt board members and there is a new dimension to the show that its been lacking. I hope they continue the uptick.