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Show Review: Gotham, “Penguin’s Umbrella”

The Penguin Is Alive and Well

I guess we’re left to our own devices on what transpired after Oswald got done reintroducing himself. I can only imagine it included some yelling and a very awkward release by Montoya and her partner. 

Bullock is that pissed off that he’d shoot Gordon in the precinct? Corrupt or not, i don’t think so. Gordon was very good in this episode I must say. Especially when he sent Barbara away. I think he’d be better off without her, or at least that whole her and Montoya story. 

Fish wants Penguin dead because he knows her ins and outs, and all of her secrets. She tries convincing him of his worth, yet tries to brush it off as just a matter of respect of Maroni to return this rat because “snitches get stitches” (her words).  Falcone tries some different options to convince Maroni to give Cobblepot up but those don’t work and both sides lose people. Falcone loses his Russian and Maroni loses Frankie Carbone.

Victor Zsasz is set out to find Gordon and steals the show from Penguin, if only just for a little while. He’s a breath of fresh air and brings a gravity to the mob element of the show. Also, a little crazy as well. Plus he has a great ringtone (Funkytown).

Episode Notes:

  • I’m really glad Jada is not imitating Eartha Kitt anymore. She is making Fish Mooney her own. It’s kind of like when Jason Alexander finally realized that George wasn’t a Woody Allen avatar but one for Larry David instead. 
  • Just great how everyone gives Gordon up. Then he truly realizes no one is with him when they all leave at Zsasz’s request. 
  • If Gotham can focus on the mob aspect of this show, minus the leather lingerie hench ladies, it’ll be exponentially better. 
  • Alfread was great. Bruce Wayne was weak.

I love Maroni. He’s amazing with his sarcasm in dealing with Falcone and Mooney. He’s Oswald’s puppet though. I think it’s more of an Iago-Othello kind of relationship.  

Penguin’s speech to Frankie Carbone was wonderful. The delivery, the words, everything. It’s a very true speech as well. Basically what is it you love the most? That is your weakness. Robin Lord Taylor killed it.

Jim Gordon comes up with a plan to arrest all of the people involved with the Arkham deal, including the mayor, Fish, Falcone and Maroni. He’s a one man army. Him against the…oh, there’s drunk Harvey Bullock. Sure he’ll join Gordon’s side after wanting to kill him. As long as he’s on the right side though, right?

Big reveal at the end: Falcone knew about Penguin. Falcone knows about Fish. He’s such a calculating man. Calm, cool and collected. He’s also got a freaky mommy complex and one of Fish’s little ladies there playing house. Penguin doesn’t know about her. Will Fish get the best of him even if he gets rid of her beforehand? We’ll just have to wait and see.