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Show Review: Gotham, Ep. 3 “The Balloonman”

In the first episode Carmine Falcone said that he and Thomas Wayne were able to balance each other in the city. Now that he was gone, things would get worse. Previous iterations state it’s the death that started the downward spiral. 

This television series was advertised as the story of Gotham before Batman. It was to reveal how the city became the place where Batman was needed. It appears this is already the state of Gotham. How much further does the place need to go? All of the cops are already corrupt, as well as all of the officials. 

Matt Fowler makes a good point in his IGN article when he writes, “…I sort of hope that the League of Shadows/Assassins comes into play at some point, because I’d like to see anyone try to argue, like Bruce did in Batman Begins, that there are good people in the city who are worth saving.”

I’ve been watching the series with my wife and she made a great point that if every cop is so corrupt and Bullock hates having Jim Gordon as a partner, why does he keep saving him? There were two opportunities alone in this episode that he could have let him die and gone about his no-good business.

The overacting continued in the series and I suspect it’s going to stay, so I will try not to make not of it anymore.

Some positives:

  • Mr. Cobblepot is the best part of the show so far. I think he’s killed 4 people so far, all of them, mostly, for nothing.
  • The montage of Bullock getting information on Balloonman suspects
  • Bullock versus that woman in the apartment
  • Fish disposing of Lazlo for becoming a softy

I am left to wonder at the end of each episode what is the end game for this series? What is the overall story arc? We all can see that Ballonman was Batman-lite. How many more of these characters are going to show up? All of the not so subtle references to the Batman showing up are mounting and we are only three episodes in. The higher ups at DC/Fox must hope that you can wait around for 13 years until this is supposed to happen, unless there is some time jumping in between seasons. It might be better for the series if Bruce will age all of those years after this season, or quite possibly in the middle of it, a la Gaius Octavian Caesar in season 2 of HBO’s Rome.