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Show Review: Gotham, Ep. 2

Right now the best things about Gotham are Penguin and Edward Nigma. A distant third could be Jim Gordon but I’m just not sure right now. 

Oswald (why was he called “Penguin” before? Did I miss that?) is trying to gather his bearings after his leg bashing and ear ringing by killing and kidnapping college kids. Nigma is great without doing much. He’s quirky, and strange, and all the things Riddler minus the “joygasm” from Batman Forever. 

As for Jim, he is wishy washy for me. I remember Ben MacKenzie from The OC and so far it looks like the OC punk has become a cop. Then there are some real procedural cop segments where Gordon is OK. The banter between Gordon and Harvey Bullock was better. I think they got out of each other’s faces, literally, a bit more this episode and let themselves have a conversation. The “interrogation” of the sketchy pharmacist was on point when Bullock asks the guy why Jim isn’t objecting to his methods. 

There’s some bad overacting going on in this show at times, and I’m surprised that most of it is coming from Jada Pinkett-Smith. Crazy characters is the name in Gotham but…I just…is Fish supposed to have an accent? There’s an on-again-off-again accent Jada is doing like she is Eartha Kitt as a mob boss wannabe. What was that with the lover who isn’t a lover getting the beatdown after Fish said he wasn’t her lover but just a toy but then Carmine Falcone said for him to not break Fish’s heart but he couldn’t do that if he was just a toy but he could if he was a lover? I don’t know. I threw my hands up to that and it was in the early parts of the episode. Is that messed up excuse for a threat really sufficient for Mooney to fume about Falcone and want him dead and out of the picture even more? Fish decides to let cooler heads prevail and buy her time. We all know it’ll probably be too much time because Oswald is going to come back and get her before she can lay a hand on Carmine Falcone.

Cat, Selina Kyle, whatever…she seems like an outcast from Annie. I did like the call back of the “go for their eyes” comment but that was probably the best part of her. This episode was called Selina Kyle and she wasn’t the focus until the end, which is also the time where she would acknowledge that was even her name. And would a person tracking which kids are on a bus going “upstate” to a kids prison really put down Jane Doe for one of them? Give me a break. 

The pacing seems too fast with little Bruce Wayne. I’d rather check-in with him every now and then. This story (read: series) is about Gotham and if they want the show to last for seasons on end, it needs to keep The Bat out of it until it is absolutely necessary. I mean imagine this scene a few years from now. Periodic check-ins have given us a glimpse into the Bruce Wayne that eventually leaves Gotham. Then final season you keep hearing claims of a man dressed up like a bat wreaking havoc on Gotham’s underbelly. Gordon gets a visit from a mysterious man in his office wanting to help and then end series with some voice over and Batman emulating the Cat scene from the pilot. 

Just my thoughts. io9 said it well in their review: “On a scale from Adam West to Christian Bale, this show is still hovering dangerously close to Val Kilmer territory, but it’s being highly entertaining about it." We’ll see how it goes from here but I’m not keeping my hopes or expectations too high.