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Show Review: Constantine

The Best Opening On Television?

I’m sad. Constantine has ended. At least season 1 has ended. The season wrapped up with a “Huh????” that would ripple through any subsequent seasons they could have. 

The Rising Darkness is on the way and there’s a bounty out for Constantine. Papa Midnite tries to cash it in but hey, if he’s successful there wouldn’t be any more Matt Ryan. The Spectre is closer to a reality in the show and Zed keeps up being Zed. 

If you didn’t watch this season, get on wherever you can watch it and DO IT ALREADY! You will be mad that you weren’t on board from the beginning. Hopefully it’s not too late and NBC keeps the show alive. Well, hopefully DC keeps the show alive. There are rumors it could move to Syfy. I’m on the fence about that. I think there is a spot for it on network television they just need realistic expectations. 

It’s too bad that a show like Gotham, which I used to review but I just couldn’t bear to get through anymore, is already renewed for another season and had a full order for it’s first season. Constantine blows it out of the water with better acting across the board.

So I’m sad the show is done for now. I want more and I hope they come back.