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Quick Hit: Nina Needs To Go

While I can appreciate the intent of this short (teaching children to go potty before they REALLY have to go), I don’t think it’s successful in its mission. We’ve been teaching Belle to go potty on her own for a while now and are making incredible progress. However, the cartoon short is inadvertently teaching her to wait and wait and put off going to the bathroom, so that we can then swoop her to the bathroom so she doesn’t go in her pants. I think this comes from the “adventure” of Nina’s nana performing some amazing feats to get her to the potty on time. Then you add in that its every time her parents ask her if she has to go, or request that she goes to the potty, she tells them she doesn’t have to and ultimately regrets that decision. 

We all know that children are creatures of habit and also tremendous copycats. If they keep seeing this little cartoon and Nina’s adventures to the toilet, it is counterproductive. I’m sure its an unintended byproduct of the show but Disney Junior should reconsider airing it.