#S a v e A N X F

What’s going on?

Peter David (writer of All New X-Factor) announced that the series will be cancelled at issue #20 because sales are low. (source) There are a great deal of people who adore this comic, and we want to share that awesome with everyone else. This is a campaign to lift that cancellation and try to renew the series.

What is being done?

If you care about All New X-Factor as much as we do, we urge you to take action. We are planning on setting up times to attempt to get #SaveANXF trending on Twitter to introduce the series to a wider audience. There are 6 issues left until the series is scheduled to come to an end. If we can raise sales and get Marvel’s attention, perhaps we can save it – or at least increase the possibility of the characters sticking around. We would also like to propose an “All New X-Factor Week” at some point in the near future; participation is encouraged to further spread the word.

How can I help?

If you can think of anything else, let us know! We want as many people to be involved as possible. Follow us on twitter: @saveanxf. Spread the news. Reblog/retweet. Most importantly, buy All New X-Factor.

Thank you for your support!

Hello dear followers, this may seem strange, but if you could do me a huge favor and perhaps buy an issue of All New X-Factor, I would greatly appreciate it. The series has a lot of potential, and I and many others are enjoying the series far too much to have it end simply because it’s hidden under the books with better art or more names attached to it. It’s only a couple bucks, and Peter David has worked too hard, especially after his stroke, to have this little gem die out. Thank you for whatever you can do!

Sadly after posting my ANXF #12 review I find this post. It’s a bummer that this title is getting canceled. I hope that it doesn’t cause bitterness as I read the last 8 issues. Kris Ankara said they are planning some good stuff for their readers in these last issues. I hope that sales and comments to Marvel increase and they reconsider ending the title.

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