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Secret Wars Concerns

So I subscribe to comics like some of you do. I have some coming up for renewal right before Marvel’s new “we’re blowing up everything event” Secret Wars. Should I halt the auto renewal until after the event of just go with it and hope for the best?How long is Secret Wars going to last?

(Belated) Comic Review: Guardians of the Galaxy #22

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis; Artists: Valerio Schiti & David Lopez Quill for President is becoming a thing. Spartax delegates are figuring out who to endorse for their next president. Anti-Earth sentiment isn’t working and they need someone whom the citizens will rally around. Togth comes up with the self-proclaimed “brash” and “glocksy” idea of the…Read moreRead more

Atlanta Falcons Future Is Decided Today

Yet another report has come out that Mike Smith’s tenure in Atlanta could be over soon. It’s been a weekly affair since the bye week where things weren’t looking so well. The team was 2-6 and on their way to a second consecutive losing season. This outcome is assured for the 2014 Falcons but I…Read moreRead more

Sons of Anarchy: Mr. Mayhem Meets Us All

It’s hard to believe that SOA is over. Here we are a week and a half later and it feels like there’s a hole in my life, especially at 10pm on Tuesday. It’s been a long ride with the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Origin but I think that Kurt Sutter weaved together an…Read moreRead more

Mom, how tall is my mouth?


Atlanta Falcons Bye-Week Assessment

So I feel very fortunate that the Falcons didn’t lose this week. Well they did sort of lose because the Saints won their past two games and are now in first place in the still horrid NFC South. It’s the only division without a team over .500. But really there’s no way they could lose…Read moreRead more

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Belle: Mom, I miss my baby brother being in your belly.
Mom: Really? I don’t.

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My take on Bon Appétit’s Pan-Roasted Rosemary Chicken

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A Conversation On Bacon

Belle: Daddo, you have bacon on your sandwich. You don’t put bacon on sandwiches.
Daddo: Uh, I beg to differ. You can put bacon on everything.
Belle:………..yeah, like on your plate.

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Family of Five Car Search Series: Episode 8

YUKON HO!!! We went to see a mid-size and ended up driving the XL version of the Yukon through the back parking lot at our local GMC/Buick dealership. My wife was scared that she’d hit something and not be able to maneuver the vehicle. That was far from the truth, as a good driver is…Read moreRead more

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