My Exercise Situation

So you ever tried to work out at home doing one of those Beachbody workouts just to have it interrupted by a cry, a whine or a request. Such is my exercise regimen right now. While I acknowledge I should get up earlier to do these workouts to avoid interruption, my current schedule prevents that. I’m working on it. Nevertheless, working out with little ones makes it very interesting.

Have you ever seen them try to do the same exercises as you and it really just looks like they are jumping in just a different rhythm? Shaun and Tony would be proud. 

The negatives are them getting in the way or ruining your focus. I find you just have to fight through it and focus on what you are doing. It’s 30 minutes and the kids will go in and out of working out with you. The fun part is that they take an interest in what you are doing as well. 

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