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Movie Review: Guardians of the Galaxy (Ooga Chaka)

Guardians of the Galaxy

The ultimate sign that this was a good movie was when my wife said, “I’d see it in the theater again.” I thought she would enjoy seeing the movie, but not to that extent. It’s a balanced film with amazing effects and world building, as well as character development. The story brings the characters together but the characters drive the story forward. They come together as a team, and by the end, Chris Pratt’s Peter Quill is set up to play chaperone to this group of a-holes.

I think James Gunn brought his A game for this film. I haven’t seen any other movies of his but this was a fun experience. It was colorful in appearance and writing. 

Some complain about the overt similarities between this film and other space adventures. One complained of Star-Lord being too much like Capt. Kirk, and others complained of the team being too much Star Wars rebels. Oh well. If you haven’t noticed, influences are everywhere and no story is completely original. This version works very well and can we all admit that those two epic series are engrained into the brains of many throughout the world? I could go as far as saying Nebula reminded me of The Baroness and Starscream, or Thanos was The Emperor.

The film sets itself for a continuation of the story while still being self-contained. [End of the movie SPOILERS] We can find out what happens to Nebula and where she goes off to after her ship departure. We can also find out who Star-Lord’s father is, or if anything escaped The Collector’s museum that the galaxy might not have wanted to get out, Howard the Duck aside.

I suggest you make your way out to the theater and see this movie. It’s fun. It’s got some A-list talent, even in minor roles. The CG is some of the best and the soundtrack is superior.

And if you’re still with me at the end and haven’t seen already, I present the Almighty Thanos:

Big bad Thanos