[Epic (Belated)] Comic Review: Moon Knight #8-12

Writer: Brian Wood; Art: Greg Smallwood (Giuseppe Camuncoli, Issue #10); Colors: Jordie Bellaire; Cover: Declan Shalvey & Jordie Bellaire


Last issue we found out that Moon Knight’s doctor is pulling some strings in the background. Is she really nefarious?

Off the bat with issue #8 “Live,” wonderful alternate presentation of the story through the lens of cameras and phones, drawn in panel. It’s different than anything I have ever seen before and the dialogue is not in panel (or on-screen) but it’s next to, or below the video. 


So we have a hostage situation at One World Trade Center. We have an interview with a police Detective Flint and then get our Moon Knight, er Mr. Grant, narrative (so welcomed). They are in cahoots to take care of the situation and we are on the inside track through this operation. He takes down the disgruntled employee, but at the cost of losing his police contacts and his anonymity. Now he is public enemy number one.


In “Doctor” (#9) Marc Spector pays a visit to his shrink. They embark on a hypnotic journey through his consciousness. They start in Egypt but move quickly over to East Africa when Spector takes over the dream world. He investigates Dr. Elisa Warsame’s past and her connection to General Lor. Once Marc thinks he has the upper hand though, the rug is pulled out from underneath him in an unexpected turn of events…


The new host of Khonshu goes on the recruiting trail in “HQ” (#10). She finds Gloria Roza, a UN security officer and manipulates her into a pawn. All is going according to plan until Marc shows up to distract Roza from her target. Too bad for him though the FBI doesn’t like him. 


Mr. Spector’s incarceration turns into an extended stay at the nuthouse during “Rendered” (#11). Employees in face masks. Body scans and cold walls. What’s going on here. A whole lot of something and Marc snaps out of his pity party to do something about it, despite the shiv.


Khonshu acknowledges a mistake and Marc Spector seizes his life, and powers, back from the good ol’ doc. Dr. Warsame has been holding General Lor for days. Her plan unravels as she is abandoned and the truth of her “misfortune” is revealed. Mr. Spector ends this arc in a good place and Brian Wood/Greg Smallwood’s run finishes in glorious fashion.

I enjoyed the work Brian Wood did on X-Men. Since he’s left it’s been a mishmash of up and down stories. This run on Moon Knight is better than that run in my opinion since he can focus on one character. He’s a weird character but the complexity and depth of character lends Moon Knight to a story like this one.

The best decision Marvel made, or whomever, was to keep Jordie Bellaire coloring this title. The tone her colors set are dark, gloomy, mysterious, and surreal. The pure white of Moon Knight and Khonshu contrasts from the background and helps him achieve his mission of instilling fear into his prey.

Overall a well-written arc. I was a little scared the title would dip in quality after Warren Ellis’ departure, but Brian Wood and Greg Smallwood maintained and pushed forward the title. Now it’s up to Cullen Bunn and Ron Ackins to carry the torch.

(NOTE: I may have referred to Jordie Bellaire as a “him” in previous posts. My bad, I didn’t realize it until I checked into the new team on Moon Knight and saw Jordan Diane Bellaire listed on the Marvel site.)

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