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Daredevil #3 Review


Just when you think you have the drop on somebody, they have the drop on you. That’s the case in this issue of Daredevil. The Shroud and Daredevil team up to take on The Owl. But how long will it last? Ehhhhh…

Matt Murdock’s troubles aside the story is moving forward nicely. I don’t know anything about Foggy Nelson’s dilemma and why they had to fake his death. I think it’s addressed relatively soon. I enjoy the little comments made by Daredevil. His honesty in situations where he would benefit from being less than forthright adds moments of comedy as well. I like how he talks down to The Shroud after his “wonderful” ideas on how to infiltrate The Owl’s compound. He just gets pissed off at how bad his ideas are.

Next issue we get to see what wonderful ideas The Owl has conjured up for The Man Without Fear. And will The Shroud keep up his end of their (temporary) partnership.