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Daddo’s House Update and Comic Review

So I had this whole big blog written detailing everything about this post. Then Bug stirred as she was sleeping in my lap. She also just so happened to swipe back on my browser and erase the whole thing. After that she smiled. Boo, Bug. Boo. I cannot guarantee that all of the information I previously had is in this new post, but I think I’ve done my best. So, here it goes…again.

A couple years ago I was trying to figure out a story that I have in my head. Along this line of thought, I felt I should reintroduce a source of inspiration from my childhood and most creative time. This inspiration was comic books, or graphic novels (if that makes you feel better). This decision was met with some “Huh?! Comics?” from my wife. “How much are we spending on this new hobby?” I had to explain everything and assure her that I had not lost my mind and she had nothing to worry about. Here are some titles I’ve picked up since coming back to the Comic Universe. From here on I’ll talk about my pulls at the shop

All-New X-Men – The original X-Men in the present day? Yes please. The fallout of this decision has effected countless other titles in the Marvel Universe. Watching their adjustment to present day, their futures, their connections to everything, is amazing. 

Uncanny X-Men – Just hit issue 20 and it keeps going strong. I remember seeing the Bachalo art in Generation X and it’s interesting to see it again in a young mutants oriented title. Cyclops is trying to figure out why the hell S.H.I.E.L.D. is sending their own personal Sentinels after him and his team. They had a great revelation in this past issue. S.H.I.E.L.D. is actually interrogating a former member of Scott’s team and it sounds straight out of a 007 film. I loved it. It’s the subtle things y’know. See Superior Spider-Man note.

X-Men (or X-Women) – It’s nice seeing the main title have a female dominated roster. The recent issue has a Jubilee feature. I’m excited to see that one since she has become a vampire since the last time I read her. She also now has a little adopted son that she came upon, named Shogo. We saw in Battle of the Atom that he’s around in the future so I wonder how they’ll develop him over time. They have a while since he’s still a baby. I love the interaction between Hope, Psylocke and Storm (can’t get enough of her). 

Batman – I’ve watched the movies, the animated series and the Adam West show.  I never read a Batman comic. Until this one. It’s great. Scott Snyder is writing a great origin story for the Dark Knight and I am loving that it’s The Riddler as the main baddie. He and Two-Face were my favorite, aside from Joker. Greg Capullo’s art is wonderful. It was weird at first seeing Bruce Wayne with a high and tight but I had to get back into the mindset of this being an origin. Current Arc: Zero Year: Savage City

Thor: God of Thunder – I enjoyed the first film and after I heard this was a title to consider I took the leap. I’m glad I did. Just read the first two story arcs: God Bomb and God Butcher. You won’t regret it. The art is amazing by Esad Ribic and Jason Aaron does a wonderful job portraying three Thors.

Guardians of the Galaxy – My interest was peaked after the movie was announced. I had never heard of GotG but when a comic was coming out at #1, I had to hop on board. I love it and the space adventures that come with it. Current Arc: We’ve just dealt with the original X-Men and the trial of Jean Grey (Aside: I read #1 of the movie prelude that focuses on Nebula. It’s nice to see since she is yet to show up in the main series.)

Lazarus – A story by Greg Rucka set in the future. There are families that run different regions of the world. Each has a genetically altered Lazarus that protects the family’s interests. It’s a great story but sometimes a slow burn. It’s intriguing and there are new story lines and characters being introduced each issue.

Wild Blue Yonder – Miniseries coming to a close soon. The Earth is scorched and folks live on planes above the clouds. Need I say more? I just wish it came out regularly. You can tell it’s to maintain the quality of the title though.

Half Past Danger – Great miniseries and great concept. Nazis trying to take genetically created dinosaurs. Pretty cool. A little noir. A little science. And an Irishman.

Ten Grand – a 12 issue series that follows Joe, a man who cannot die due to a contract you’ll have to check out. He goes to Hell and Purgatory to find to save the soul of the woman he loves. 

Justice League of America – I wanted to read a Justice League title but I felt I’d already missed too much of the main title to get into it. So I chose Justice League of America. I’ve dropped the title after the big crossover last year Trinity War, which led into Forever Evil. I don’t want to have to keep buying different titles to follow a story only to not get a proper climax. I liked reading Green Arrow and Catwoman, but it wasn’t enough to keep me.

Daredevil: Dark Knights – This was an 8 issue series from different Daredevil writers and artists. I read all but issues 4 and 5. The first story showed the Devil’s resilience, helping an organ get to a girl in need. The last arc showed Matt Murdock adventuring to the caribbean with Misty Knight (oh yeah!).

Amazing X-Men – I picked up Amazing because I have always loved Nightcrawler. The first arc was him returning from the afterlife. Jason Aaron is on this title after his work of Wolverine and the X-Men. Current Arc: All in the Family, after dragging his father back to Earth, Nightcrawler now has to deal with his mother, Mystique, as well.

Wolverine and the X-Men – I got into this title late. I enjoyed the last few arcs by Jason Aaron. Luckily it’s now in volume 2 with Jason Latour. The new team is expanding on Quentin Quire’s destiny as the Phoenix. Also, his inevitable(?) fight against Evan, Genesis, or the future Apocalypse.

Superior Spider-Man – Another title I started reading late. It’s actually ending. I got on with the All-New Marvel Now story arc “Goblin Nation” not knowing it would end so soon. I prefer the mind of Otto Octavius for Spider-Man. His approach to being a hero is so different from anyone else, and it provides a very unique perspective. Current Arc: Like I said previously, it’s Goblin Nation and the last arc of the series. I am yet to pick up #31 but I definitely will be picking it up. Sad to see its the last issue. SUBTLETIES: One of Otto’s troops is called TK-421, great job.

All-New X-Factor – I never read X-Factor before. When it was coming back and featuring Gambit, I had to give it a try. I’m still doing so. It’s close to the drop zone though. Current Arc: They are still getting the team together. After this last issue it looks like there are two mechanical beings on the team now. It’s kinda weird, Aside from the first three (Gambit, Polaris and Quicksilver) I don’t know much about these other characters, so I’m still learning. Cypher peaks my interest so I’m sticking with the title…for now.

Batman/Superman – I love Jae Lee’s art. That’s the main reason I picked up the title. Plus the first storyline of an old Batman and Superman facing a young Batman and Superman. Current Arc: First Contact, technically it’s already over because World’s Finest #21 has already come out, but part 3 in Batman/Superman hasn’t come out yet. I dunno. 

World’s Finest – I only picked this up because of the First Contact crossover with Batman/Superman. I guess it’s not too bad. Not enough of a story to keep me after this crossover, especially since I have to wait for part 3 (from Batman/Superman) after part 4 has already been printed (explain that to me DC). Current Arc: SEE ABOVE

Nova – Nova actually reminds me of an intergalactic Spider-Man. Nice jokes. He makes mistakes. Fun loving. I’ve enjoyed the title since I picked it up at issue 7. Current Arc: Sam is cleaning up a recent mess he is the cause of. He gets to buddy up with Beta Ray Bill as well.

This past visit I picked up Moon Knight, Iron Fist. I’ll let you know how those go.