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Daddo’s Comic Review: Original Sin #4

I went to this issue skeptical that Bucky was bad. I mean, they just announced the lineup for Avengers NOW! And he’s in there. So, anyway those thoughts are legitimized by the end of this issue. I like how the phrase on the cover sets the tone for the issue. This issues phrase was “Trust No One” and we see the partnerships that were sent out across the world and galaxy fighting amongst each other and questioning each other’s motives. Mainly they are all searching for answers. Only, more questions arise by the end of this issue. One revelation I’ll give you is that the teams were put together by Nick Fury, I’ll leave the big reveal for you to find out.

I found the tempo up and down in this issue. I think you need to read it closely and pay attention to the details Jason Aaron is putting out there. The infighting was well done, I thought, and the garbs back and fourth between The Punisher and a certain fury ball of sarcasm and wit was well done. 

The series is at the half way point and I’m eager to see how the rest of the story goes. I also wonder if The Watcher will truly stay dead. Not that he’s been a major influential character in what I’ve read before this series but I know he’s high up. I heard Nova was supposed to have an impact in this series. He’s only been background so far. We’ll just have to wait and see.