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Daddo’s Comic Review: Original Sin #3

Open to an image of our talking eyeball villain, The Orb, meeting with Dr. Midas and his daughter, Exterminatrix (all villains I have never known). The Orb is presenting the idea to take the secrets from The Watcher and Midas seems intrigued. Flash over to current events and you see what happens after the last panels of issue #2. I’m glad that Jason Aaron put in the last panel that not only has The Watcher seen all that the supers have done, he’s been watching everyone on the planet. After this “bomb” goes off, The Orb gives up freely and reveals that he is not the one responsible for the death of The Watcher. So who is then?

Meanwhile, Ant Man, Black Panther and Emma Frost learn from their commissioned investigation that all of these beings that have been killed throughout the universe have been shot with gamma radiated bullets. Dr. Strange learns from The Punisher that there are only 10 people in the galaxy that could make the shots that are killing these beings, including himself. Gamora, Winter Soldier and Moon Knight are out in the cosmos and find a trail of shell casings floating around.

A shadowy villain and stooge are monitoring these findings and know their time in the background is coming to a close. We also learn old Nick Fury didn’t see anything when the eye was set loose on everyone. As the issue closes we see the trio in space at the end of the shell trail. Winter Soldier asks Moon Knight to send a camera up into the air for a bird’s eye view of the surface they’re standing on. The see they are actually on a living planet and the list of suspects is starting to narrow down even more. All of a sudden Bucky disappears, Moon Knight and Gamora’s ship explodes and the Winter Soldier appears in HQ with Nick Fury. I’ll leave the rest of the issue to my favorite panel of the issue.