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Daddo’s Comic Review: Original Sin #2

We find the Avengers chasing another Mindless One that has seen something he wishes to unsee. It runs (falls) into the elder Nick Fury and is eliminated rather promptly.

There’s a great spread of The Hulk and Iron Man running the tech part of the investigation. Hulk is in Banner form and Tony is in a robe…and the Iron Man mask. You can see it in the panel above. Punisher and Dr. Strange have been commissioned by SOMEONE to investigate the murder. We don’t know who that someone is though. Frank Castle finds a glowing green bullet in an ages old being of another dimension. The thing is huge so how was it shot?

Flash to some villains that I have never heard of who are in possession of The Watcher’s eye. There’s a guy in pain on a table that Exterminatrix is connected to somehow. It’s all kinda weird. Then things get interesting. Exterminatrix is defeated and The Orb emerges with this “Thing” like creature, holding the eye. He’s apparently been talking to it and the eye reveals to him how to unleash upon the heroes the secrets it holds. 

We are left wondering what happens when the eye is unveiled. That is revealed in the coming issues and around the Marvel Universe in all of the Original Tie-Ins.

Mike Deodato’s art is impeccable and I really like these covers by Julian Tedesco. I’m a fan of Jason Aaron, as previous readers may know, so I’m glad Marvel has entrusted this story with him. It’s ramifications will be felt throughout the MU.

Another shot of the amazing Deodato art: