Daddo’s Comic Review: Iron Fist: Living Weapon #4

Soooooo Iron Fist is getting weird. I had to read the issue a couple times to understand what was going on. It actually clicked for me when I chose my favorite panel of the issue:


I thought this was an iconic looking piece but felt that I had seen it before. In truth, I had, back in Issue #1:


The story ends up filling in more details from the beginning of issue #1, but there isn’t much more progression of the story. It’s more of Danny is haunted by his past. I do wonder if there is more to this reporter. She keeps avoiding his questions about herself. The bigger question is why is Danny’s dad still alive and all jacked up. 

The story is weird. I mean that should be inherent from mystical lands and offers of immortality. I read an interview from CBR when the title was first announced and this series harkens back to the original stories for Danny Rand and classic kung fu/martial arts stories of revenge. I got a deeper appreciation for what is going on in this title and despite the more cheerful, playful Danny Rand some are used to, this one reflects the character at his core, according to Andrews. I’ll just have to see how long he keeps me coming back for more.

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