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Cyrenic, “Metaphor” (2014) – Album Review

Cyrenic - Metaphor

If you live in the DC/Baltimore area, or anywhere for that matter, and you have not picked up the new Cyrenic (Sigh-ren-ick) album, Metaphor, then you are cheating yourself.

The third album since Cyrenic moved from a one-man show to a band foursome, it is actually the first to be pure collaboration. 2011’s Dying To Live was mostly finished when the band came together and 2013’s Selective Memory was mostly re-recordings of solo material. We did receive a tease on Memory with “Negative Space” and “Selective Memory” of what the band could produce together. 

Metaphor takes it to a higher level. A new tone is set from the start in “Constant Change” and the album’s first single, “Die Another Day.” The songs are undeniably Cyrenic but more mature and evolved. “Metaphor()” receives two treatments with “Devil” and “Angel,” the latter serves as a pure acoustic deconstruction of the former. 

The second single “Bite The Hands That Bleed" leads into a triptych of powerhouses. A more progressive, odd timed rhythm drives "Focus” and “Current” punches in you in the face. You can’t help but ask, “Thank you sir, may I please have another?”

The latter half of the album is brought together by a nice outlier of a song in “Your Move,” the update of A New Meaning‘s "Slow Emotion,“ and "One Bird, Two Stones” (the uppercut to the jab of “Current”). In “Sacrifice” Brian produces possibly his most vulnerable and powerful lyrics ever. The smooth bass rhythm pulls you in to an unexpected sound experience.

Throughout the album you hear hints of Tool, Porcupine Tree, Staind, Karnivool, and Breaking Benjamin. Most importantly, you experience all of Cyrenic. All in all, Metaphor packs a mean punch.

Cyrenic hits the stage June 14th for their album release show at Cafe 611 in Frederick, MD ($10 in advance, $12 at the door). The digital version of Metaphor is available right now on iTunes, Google Play and through, where you can order a CD + Digital for $10 (it’ll be signed too). Do yourself a favor and check them out.