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Comic Review: X-Men #20

Marc Guggenheim’s Exogenous: Part 3

I wrote a big long post on this issue. The drafted timed out and I copied all I wrote but turns out the Tumblr app on the Mac doesn’t let you copy text. So rather than try and rewrite all of that work I’ll just hit the highlights:

  • The art is wishy-washy and I don’t know who to blame for it
  • A secret order is creating new versions of species throughout the cosmos
  • Rachel hates D’Keth
  • The folks on The Peak are in trouble because Manifold Tyger is working with Sharada, the being in charge of the genetic engineering
  • Deathbird’s baby is a Shi’ar/mutant/Kree hybrid

So until next time, here is one of the only panels featuring a complete background in this issue: