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Comic Review: X-Men #19


Marc Guggenheim’s Exogenous: Part 2

The ladies X find themselves still dealing with the Sidrian Hunters on S.W.O.R.D.’s The Peak. Jubilee tries more of the psi-upload trickery but to no avail. Not that many folks in the galaxy know how to fix a fusion-based power system. 

The gals figure out the Hunters are vulnerable to psionic attacks and start wrecking away. Psylocke goes slicing away with some Wolverine-like claws. Ode to the man dying or the first thing that popped into her mind? I would have thought she’d go for a katana.

Rachel, Monet and Psylocke then take a S.W.O.R.D. ship to follow the Sidrian Hunters in their retreat, trying to find their point of origin. They manage to run into the Shi’ar and enter D’Keth, son of D’Kath. Rachel has had a rough time dealing with the Shi’ar in the past, namely them wiping out the entire Grey genome out of the galaxy. Turns out, that was D’Keth’s wonderful idea in theory. Now these two have to work together to get out of whatever genetic expirimentation lab they are stuck in.

Art was up and down. I think it lingered around Nick Bradshaw territory there in some spots (hint: I’m not the biggest Bradshaw fan). I believe that X-Men should have upper tier talent on all levels working on the title and two issues in here I’m not the biggest fan of the artists they’ve chosen, they’ve been manageable. However, BIG however, I read that these new issues following Brian Wood’s run are basically tryouts for how the title is going to proceed in 2015. Should make things interesting.