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Comic Review: X-Men #18


We start this issue with the ladies fighting a hyper developed virus?? It’s a strange start but OK. We get to see the team working together and Rachel being a virtual knowledge machine, spreading the wealth to those in need, like the operators from The Matrix.

I can already tell the difference between the writing of Brian Wood and Marc Guggenheim. Guggenheim uses a lot of pop culture references: Game of Thrones, Star Trek and The Matrix, so far. It’s not distracting. The voice has just noticeably changed.

I will go ahead and state I do not have that much exposure to S.W.O.R.D. or Agent Brand. Maybe one appearance in my Guardians of the Galaxy reading. With that said, I definitely know nothing of the “relationship” between Beast and Agent Brand.

The team is called by S.W.O.R.D to help deal with Deathbird. We meet Manifold Tyger, who consistently calls Agent Brand “Sir.” I’m glad they both acknowledge the inaccuracy/accuracy of the gesture. Let’s you know that he is the Spock to her Kirk.

Cecilia Reyes shows up to find out what exactly is wrong with Deathbird. Lo and behold, she is … duh dun dahhhh … pregnant! And being tracked down by Sidrian Hunters, who Psylocke mows down with telepathic weaponry.

Whose baby is Deathbird carrying?? Who’s the father?? I feel like this could be an arc on One Life To Live.