Comic Review: X-Men #17


Jubilee goes nuts, rips out The Future’s throat and dines on his blood. Nope! That doesn’t happen. Afterwards, Storm and Kymera go to get coffee and talk relationships and future-history. Nope! That doesn’t happen either. Beast evolves yet again and is now hairless. Nope! Not at all. This issue left me wanting more from the arc and from Brian Wood. 

I was let down I didn’t get to see some mutant vampire action by Jubilee. Well, she did see some action but it was Shogo using the Bloodline to go to town on his dad. That part was unexpected.

I do wonder that of all the plants that Kymera could choose to put Shogo’s blood on she chose one that was poisoned? Or did he get fatally sick from the transfer of the Bloodline to himself from The Future? I didn’t think that was quite clear and was merely a device so he could have magic (Khan-like) Arkea blood put into his system. What are the ramifications of that decision there Mr. McCoy? Not even Kymera can tell you the answer to that question because 1) now she’s not around anymore, and 2) this transfusion did not happen in the previous(?) future. 

There were a few pluses. Storm going ape and showing her godliness over the Earth. Rachel Grey is obviously the Riker to Storm’s Picard. That’s about it. 

It’s the finale of Brian Wood’s run on X-Men. Now on to Marc Guggenheim and some space adventures. My love of the Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy titles should be happy that this team will be up in the stars. My real hope is that the women can further develop their relationships with each other.

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