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Comic Review: X-Men #16

Hellion is going to make a fine leader of these younger X-Men. I think Psylocke’s training lessons from the past few issues have hit home with him.  lt’s nice to see stories start to pay off, and it’s major in this issue as the Jean Grey school student body is going to battle!

I love Storm, especially the badass, don’t f— with my family Storm. She is fierce and not to be messed with. She is also delegating authority, trusting those around her to do their duty so everyone can benefit. Rachel Grey is charged with extracting any and all information from Kymera about what “previously” happened with The Future according to her timeline’s Jubilee and Shogo. Psylocke is rallying the troops. Jubilee is dealing with The Future (I like that they make fun of his name) and has some nice hero/villain discussion about trust and it’s very evident she knows her fellow X-Men and how they will react to her capture. Monet (Sidenote: I had no idea that Monet was M from GenX. I guess it’s been too long.) runs recon and unfortunately, is the first to deal with the Bloodline weapon/defense mesh system. 

Kymera describes Bloodline as a living ecosystem. It reminds me of the trees from that old G.I. Joe movie where the vines would capture anyting walking through it. I’m thinking since it is tied to the blood of The Future that it reacts to threats to him. For some reason though, Kymera believes Shogo is needed to combat this defense. Rachel sends in Psylocke’s forces to test out the ground defense and they prove formidable. 

The finale to the issue is just great. The Future sends his list of demands to Storm and here we are with B.A. Storm again, telling him if he wants a war he’s going to get one. Kymera though has another idea…

Creative team: Brian Wood’s run is coming to close in a pretty nice manner. I’m anxious to see how this all ends: what’s Kymera up to and what part does Shogo play in The Future’s defeat? I would be lying if I am not sadly reminded of Olivier Coipel’s exquisite pencils every time I see the opening summary and cast list. The pencils by Matteo Buffagni and Gerardo Sandoval are well done in this issue and are not distracting like it has been over in Guardians of the Galaxy.