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Comic Review: Uncanny X-Men #25

An Issue #25 is almost always a huge event and this one certainly packs a punch. Not literally mind you, unless you count Scott’s zapping of Iceman with an optic blast. The blow is dealt when Charles Xavier’s Shi’ar hologram delivers the news that he actually suppressed a mutants powers to the verge of nonexistence. 

Matthew Malloy, our newfound friend these past few issues is revealed to be this 8-year old boy that Professor X encountered. This explains very much why he has no idea what’s going on with himself and why he keeps destroying everything around him when he becomes stressed. 

Issue #25 is the most exposition heavy comic I’ve read in quite some time. It’s necessary, I mean this is the reading of a man’s last will and testament, or rather his “personal” delivery of a final request. Kudos to Brian Michael Bendis as well for recognizing the heaviness of what we, and the X-Men, are learning, and giving us that little break in the middle of the reading.

Chris Bachalo did a wonderful job breaking up the panels throughout the issue, giving everyone present some “screen time” (so to speak) and not just having them stare at Professor X’s hologram.  

By the end of the issue, the X-Men are charged with a mission to then hear the final part of the will. Will they all cooperate to satisfy Charles’ final wish?