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Comic Review: Uncanny X-Men #24

Bobby, the prankster and the one who is never serious, has a very profound moment at the beginning of this issue. He points out that he and his fellow X-mates never get, or take, the chance to really assess what happens to them. They just keep on chugging away, at life, at their mission. Is he the sad clown?

The banter back and forth whenever Charles Xavier’s death is concerned is always interesting. In this case, Beast thinks it’s pretty clear cut. We know he has no more love for Scott Summers after the death of Charles Xavier, but not to the level he expresses to She-Hulk. “Do you have someone in your life that you just do not want?” Rachel Grey, however, knows it’s not so black and white when it comes to the Phoenix force. I doubt she likes Cyclops but she at least is understanding that he was under the influence of this entity. 

Everyone immediately thinks Scott is inheriting the school grounds when She-Hulk tells them he needs to be present for the reading of the will. Storm says it’s Logan’s but Wolverine reveals he no longer owns the property. So it’s truly up in the air on who will own what now. They won’t find out unless they go and retrieve a man they despise. 

Our friend Matthew Malloy is back in Newberry, SC and has another “eruption,” this time taking out the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents coming in to take him away. I must say that Maria Hill has never been more present in the pages of X-Men as she has been recently.

The Jean team shows up at the Weapon X facility where Cyclops and his crew have ben stationed. And hey! it’s Dazzler. She was our cover girl this month but is just now making her debut in this new, punk look, including tattered clothes and black hair dye. Where’d she get the dye? I know she found that set of scissors that EVERY bathroom of a depressed person has. Where’d she get the clothes? Are they old clothes she had that were eaten through by moths while she was being used to produce MGH? Well, we don’t know right now. Maybe some other time??

Cyclops begrudgingly agrees to go back for the reading. Before leaving he asks about the Jean team just waltzing into their school. I don’t know the purpose of this statement, they kinda all talk out what should happen and who should go. The students stay, including the original X-Men, and we see afterwards that it was probably for the best.  

We finally are having the will read and it starts out with a whopper of a reveal (unless you have been reading All-New X-Men and it’s not assssssss much of a reveal, I guess in the structure of the relationship). The panel below expresses so many points from this issue. Dazzler in the background. Wolverine and Beast the furthest away from Cyclops. Emma and her grasp of the ridiculousness of this situation and just how SOMETHING interesting was going to happen.


We then get a hologram Professor and he talks of compromising with a powerful mutant (enter the meaning behind Matthew Malloy?) Tune in next time  as we find out what the heck is going on!