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Comic Review: Thor: God of Thunder #24


This issue should have been called “The Last Days of Midgard: The Aftermath.” It’s not filled with action. There are no world’s colliding since they already did. And Jason Aaron addresses the ramifications of Broxton’s troll/minotaur/Roxxon Energy Corporation attack. I wonder if Zach Snyder will spend more than five minutes dealing with what Superman did to Metropolis in Man of Steel…

Anyway, S.H.I.E.L.D. using She-Hulk as their legal representation is pretty awesome. I am not sure if that has been in place from previous stories but I like how it is worked in here. For some reason too, everyone is under the impression that Roz Solomon is Thor’s girlfriend. Everyone but her at least.

The joke was a nice contrast to the overall seriousness of the issue. An entire town has been obliterated in the battle between Thor, trolls and the Minotaur. The people of Broxton have lost homes and businesses. They are going to struggle. Asgardia’s embassy status has come under fire, and Freyja decides the best next step for them is to leave Earth and find somewhere new to call home. Just as the Broxton people feel start feeling abandoned, Thor proves his love for Midgard is like no other. He takes to heart conversations with two women he finds in high regard (the All-Mother and Jane Foster) and gives of himself for their benefit.

We are treated to a couple epilogues focused on rebirth. All-Father Thor is naming rivers forged by his granddaughters on the new Earth. And then the there is the ghastly rebirth of a Butcher, but he of the world destroying type. Pretty intense stuff.

Final Note:¬†There is a month off from TGOT before we get issue #25. As some of you know, a new Thor was announced by Marvel last week. And it’s a woman. My initial thought was it would be Angela “converted” into Thor. But after seeing the Avengers Now line-up I know that is not the case. Who is this new Thor? Jason Aaron said that if we look back over the last 24 issues of TGOT that there are signs and hints on who is now wielding Mjolnir.¬†Could it be Jane Foster?