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Comic Review: Ten Grand #10 (of 12)

I think this series could have been told in 10 issues. 12 makes for a nice year long run of the story but it has been dragging and when I get to reading I have to remind myself what is going on. I will say the visuals of Ten Grand keep me wanting more. It’s so different from anything else on other pages now. C.P. Smith is like a painter. The move from Ben Templesmith coincided with Joe’s move down to hell and so the transition worked very well, despite the drama. 

So Joe has been asked to serve as host to the minions of Hell so that they may ride his body up into heaven and infiltrate it. Turns out that Heaven had the same plan for Laura and filled her with all of their might. Somehow Joe figured it out during monologue last issue and helped unleash these forces on hell by giving her a kiss. I’m assuming their love is what releases them. The battle continues in the next issue so we’ll see where this goes.