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Comic Review: Storm #2

Greg Pak is making it clear that Ororo is pretty stressed in her life and a little tired of holding it all together for everyone around her. She’s had to lead the team and a school since everything went down with Professor X, and now Wolverine, with little time to rest and take it all in.

It’s very different, at least nowadays, to see the X-Men dealing with the small issues and the non-grandeous villains. Not all of the problems in the world are linked to maniacal super villains. There are plenty of crazy, deranged people in the normal realm of humanity to make anyone’s day interesting. 

Issue two of Storm’s solo adventures continues her fight against the issues of the people. The non-mutated, super-serumed people of this the planet Earth. Issue one was against suppressive rebels/governments. Issue two deals with the disappearance of a girl. Why this particular girl? Just a feeling, a feeling that reminds Storm of her childhood.

She calls up Beast, runs a little recon and ends up in the New York underground. And we all know what that means, Morlocks and Callisto. She and Storm don’t exactly get along, but once Callisto is able to open up Ororo’s eyes to the truth, she is…apologetic, and sympathetic to the circumstances of the folks she finds there.

The art is rugged and raw, perfect for the stories we’ve been reading the past two issues. I hope the great work continues from both the writer and artists. I’d hate for Storm to fall victim to the initial creative team drop that has plagued recent Marvel launches (see: Cyclops, Amazing X-Men, Moon Knight, etc.)