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Comic Review: Storm #1

Storm. Goddess. Queen. X-Man. Headmistress. Leading lady?

The recent initiative by Marvel to expand female lead titles has expanded to the X-Universe. So far the it is off to a decent start.

The writing is well done by Greg Pak. We see Ororo and all of her facets in play here. Even better is what we do not see in this issue: Wolverine! No Wolverine in this story. No mention of him either. Anywhere. It is wonderful.
We truly experience the heart of Storm as a character. She cares, sometimes too much. But she sees injustice and wrongs being done and she has to do something about it. The issue is a welcome departure from most of the X-Men stories as of late where all we see are grandiose battles and epic stories. That is all stripped away and we simply see the Mother of X-Men helping people in need.

Now onto the art, which is a little inconsistent. It’s not a quality issue but an issue of expression. Case in point, there is a student called Flourish, or Creep…whatever. Anyway this student gets under Storm’s skin by calling her a sellout. Ororo “storms” off with arms stiff at her side and fists clenched. All she’s need is a foot stomp and she would be doing what my 3 year old does when she doesn’t get her way. Storm wouldn’t express herself in this manner. She would still be angry at the jab from Creep, I just don’t think it was portrayed correctly.

Anyway, good start. I’m interested in seeing more. Hopefully the title progresses upwards.