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Comic Review: Rocket Raccoon #2


When I heard that Rocket and Star-Lord were getting their own series I thought it was just to cash in on the then-upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Granted, they probably were, BUT it’s working and it’s sustainable because the product is spectacular. 

This comic makes me smile and it’s because of the art and tone. Skottie Young has a great thing going on here and I hope the ride doesn’t end any time soon. It’s like if Bill Watterson were writing and illustrating for Marvel. Mayhem would ensue, panic, drama…all to bring the story to the next punchline.

Rocket gets himself thrown into the most secure prisons in the galaxy and it’s all for fun so he and Groot can bust out in a prison break montage. And it’s a good one, as you can see above. Only problem is the mysterious “Rocket” imposter and all of General/Queen Amalya’s army of scathed former Rocket lovers.

Overall great read and I look forward to the next issue.