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Comic Review: Rocket Raccoon #1

Just like Kaare Andrews with Iron Fist, Skottie Young is handling writing and penciling his comic. The narrative has a very comedic tone and doesn’t take itself too seriously. It can’t though, right…by default? The main character is a talking “raccoon” and supposedly the last of his kind. Turns out he may not be so. 

Rocket decides to take in a Groot wrestling match while he is out on a date. All hell breaks loose though when he is put on a KissCam and revealed as WANTED by authorities. He really does have a time with avoiding them and trying to escape. The best part of the issue is the interaction between Rocket and Peter Quill going over what exactly Rocket’s situation is (see below for example)



Skottie Young’s art is perfect for the title. Expressions are perfect and even when there are things not fully detailed out, it all makes sense and works. Going over the issue again, the art really reminds me of the Sunday Funnies. Now THAT’D be an interesting concept.