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Comic Review: Original Sin #5 of 8

I had to read this issue of Original Sin in print, no digitally. It was a lot to follow and holding the comic in my hand helped me to retain the info much more.  This is a meat sandwich of backstory for Nick Fury, all the way back when he had two eyes. We get this long tale of how he is the watcher on the wall (much like The Night’s Watch I guess) and has been for years. All of the others that knew about the top secret, galaxy influencing missions he has completed are dead. 

It’s true Nick Fury has a humongous gamma bullet sniper rifle (as seen below) but by the end of the issue, we still don’t know who killed The Watcher. 

Great visuals again by Mike Deodato. Like the opening paragraph hints at, I think that they are best viewed on paper, unless you are reading your digitals on an iPad. Even then though I don’t think it translates as well. 

I liked the issue and I’m enjoying this story. I do think this issue will make more sense after issue six. I missed it at the shop so I still have to pick it up. Until then, happy reading.