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Comic Review: Nova #20

So it turns out that Jesse Alexander wasn’t a no-good, lowdown, dirty scoundrel after all. First things first, Gerry Duggan and David Baldeon maintain a high quality on this title. Unlike the Sam Alexander haters, I am greatly enjoying this title and am probably going to add it to my subscriptions list(right now its just in my pull at Borderlands). I stated before to a guy at my shop, this Nova feels like Spider-Man used to feel. He cracks jokes, he’s learning on the job, and he’s dealing with more than just being a superhero. 

20 chapters into this story and we find Sam and Rocket Raccoon attempting to locate some equipment to reprogram Sam’s helmet to function for Adomox (Adam-X?). He also poisoned them to ensure their cooperation. He finds the old lodge but instead of finding a way to reprogram the helmet, he finds something much more interesting: the Nova Corps service records.

Nova finds out the truth about the Black Novas. Turns out they were good after all. It was Adomox who was driving the coup. Jesse Alexander tricked Adomox into thinking he was helping, and that he killed the Nova Sam saw in his vision from The Watcher’s eye. Adomox was in turn kicked out of the Novas. 

Again, the banter between Rocket and Sam is a joy to read. At one point, Sam is shooting at Adomox with a blaster, he misses and shoots his money. Rocket compliments him with “Good move, hitting him where it hurts–in the wallet.”

There are two surprises in this issue. The first is Cosmo, fresh off his appearance in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie end credit scene. The second is none other than Jesse Alexander himself! He’s been fighting in the gladiator pits on Chitauri Prime.

We close with Nova on his way to help bail out his dad from his prison of certain death. We just have to see if Sam gets there in time to save his father.