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Comic Review: Nova #19

An Original Sin Tie-In

I didn’t make a note of this last time but the art between David Baldeon and Paco Medina is pretty spot on. I noticed the difference today just because I was reading this issue online and it stated that Medina did the art but it’s not noted as such on the title page. 

I will say that Mr. Baldeon’s portrayal of Rocket Raccoon is pretty epic. I do wonder though why he is depicted in his old Guardians of the Galaxy uniform here and not the one currently used in that title. Doesn’t Marvel have quality control folks? 

Anyway, I think Gerry Duggan is writing these characters very well. I know there are those who hate Sam Alexander for not being Richard Rider. I never read the Rider Nova or experienced the Nova Corps before this Marvel Now! rendition. His interaction with Rocket is wonderful. The voice is consistent with the main Guardians title. Then the sliminess of Adomox and his wretchedness really comes through.

What I do wonder story wise is that if the Black Novas were their own organization and stealing Nova force, why aren’t others friendly to the Nova Corps all up in Sam’s face?