Comic Review: Nova #18

An Original Sin Tie-In


This panel speaks to a lot of things I enjoy about the Nova title. Sam is young. He is a new superhero. He wants to do what is best for everyone. And he isn’t always able to do the right thing when the situation arises. He sure does try though.

Nova is out to avenge the death of his friend, The Watcher. And he just wants to help. All of the big kahunas are out, fighting the fight against those who stole the eyes from The Watcher. He has a couple run-ins with The Thing along the way. And then…trouble. A great secret is revealed to Sam about his father Jesse. The ramifications of which will trouble Sam as he has to head home after this battle at some point and see his family. 

I’m guessing that the other Original Sin tie-ins might have a similar format of showing the fight from Original Sin #2 and then revealing the secrets. Things should get interesting if they reveal stuff like what Sam saw. Just what are the repercussions going to be?

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