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Comic Review: Moon Knight #6


We all want to be loved, unless you are Marc Spector. 

Warren Ellis’s story from Issue #1 gets another look. Not Moon Knight’s story though. Meet Ryan Trent, aka Freakbeat. An under appreciated beat cop. Ryan has been knocked down his entire life and now he wants to know what makes “Mr. Knight” so special that he can do whatever he damn well please while the police love him for it. 

He becomes obsessed with Marc Spector to the point of posing as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent to follow up with some of his known associates. Officer Trent confronts a few of them. The funny part is that once he approaches these folks they already know he’s there to talk about Moon Knight. 

He figures that since no one works with Moon Knight he can just get rid of him, replace him (as the Black Spectre once tried to do), and then receive all of the adoration, and all of the love, that Knight gets.
But he didn’t figure his own inadequacies would be his own undoing. Plus the whole, Moon Knight don’t give a fuh what anybody thinks of him. He doesn’t need anybody’s love. And that’s why he always wins.
I will miss Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey. I hope the new team is just as good. At least the colors will still be the same. In my panel of the issue you can see the perfect juxtaposition Jodie Bellaire creates in his colors from the all white of Moon Knight to his surroundings.